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Homecoming King and Queen Class of 1991

Homecoming King - Lance Tabor and Homecoming Queen - Jodi (Wildey) Tabor-Gay Class of 1991
King - Lance Tabor and Queen - Jodi (Wildey) Tabor-Gay

Homecoming King and Queen

From the 1991 Mirror

The excitement could be felt at the beginning of the week starting with sweatshirt day with the slogan, "Make the Mohicans Sweat." The spirit continued throughout the week with mismatch day, tie day and on Friday, our traditional Gold and Brown day.

The Homecoming pep rally really got everyone psyched for the game against Mohawk. The cheerleaders did a skit involving Mr. Frost who really got everyone laughing. Then it was time for the spirit contest which the Freshman class won.

The cheerleaders then went in search of the 1990 king and queen. They didn't have to look any farther when they found Jodi Wildey and Lance Tabor. Both Jodi and Lance were surprised, but pleased that they had been crowned the new homecoming king and queen.

After the cheerleaders presented their hello cheer, line-up and routine, the '89 king and queen were crowned. A pair of cheerleaders strolled about the gym trying to find the king and queen. The cheerleaders captured Lance Tabor and Jodi Wildey and crowned them king and queen of 1989 Homecoming.

Class of 1991 Homecoming Papering

On Saturday, everyone awoke to pouring rain. But, this weather didn't stop the fans from cheering on the football team to a BOMBER victory. Alumni were among the fans and were recognized at halftime. Also at halftime, it was announced that the seniors had won the float contest with their spectacular "Cookie Monster". The game ended with a bomber win of 42-8.

The class games followed on Sunday. Mr. DeLuco participated in the volleyball game. (His team always came out on top!!!). After these informal games, everyone left knowing that Homecoming would long be remembered!

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