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Homecoming King and Queen Class of 1994

Homecoming King - Shawn Fuess and Homecoming Queen - Sarah Lester Class of 1994
King - Shawn Fuess and
Queen - Sarah Lester

Class of 1994 Homecoming

Homecoming Week

This years' Homecoming festivities were kicked off with one of the best pep rallies we've ever had. This year Mrs. Caruso introduced a new game called, "kiss or diss." The senior football players were blindfolded and their parents emptied whipped cream cans all over their sons heads. Needless to say the boys got dissed!

Next was the annual spirit contest. The cheer used was "Get up off that thing and go, Bombers, go!" This year's Seniors showed the most spirit and had a ribbon added to the Spirit Stick.

Then came the moment everyone was waiting for, the crowning of the king and queen. This year's queen was Sarah Lester escorted by Shawn Fuess. They were so cute!

On Saturday, was the judging of the floats that each class had been working so hard on in the weeks before. It took the Class of '94 three years to master the art of float making, but they finally figured it out and snatched a well deserved first place with their rendition of "Snoopy" and his doghouse. The Juniors' float was a caged "Tweety Bird". Their Tweety was great and they captured second place. Unfortunately, a few things went haywire with the Soph's "Beavis and Butthead" float on the trip down to the judging. They took home fourth place. The Freshmen earned third place with "The Joker".

The ending of the judging and the parade signified the start of the football game. Ilion won, as usual, with a 22-0 victory over Holland Patent.

That evening, Student Council sponsored the Homecoming dance. Everyone really got down and boogied.

On Sunday, the girls broke out their sweats and got rough playing powder puff football. The Senior girls turned into beasts and walloped the underclassmen.

This was another spectacular Homecoming never to be forgotten.

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