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Homecoming King and Queen Class of 1996

Homecoming King - Mike Paragi  and Homecoming Queen - Jody (Tanner) Karla Class of 1996
Queen - Jill Fitzer

Class of 1996 Homecoming

Homecoming Week

This year's king and queen were Mike Paragi and Jill Fitzer. The court was Rachael McCaw and Brad Darrow from 10th grade, Kelly Kerber and Brad Sweeney from 12th grade, John Day and Mary McGrellis from 9th grade, and Rory DeForrest and Jennifer Patten from 11th grade.

Homecoming is traditionally a time full of student competition. At the pep rally and the parade, students compete for their classes; and on the playing field students compete for their team. Over all, the contests are played for Ilion High School. For the class competitions, there was a pie eating contest. The first class to find the hidden jelly bean, at the bottom of the pie, won the contest. This year, the seniors won. There was a people letters race. Each class had four people form the letters I.H.S., the sophomores spelled it out first. Each year there is a spirit competition. This year, the spirit competition was different from all years past. The challenge was for each class to buy spirit ribbons, instead of yelling and screaming to see whose class was loudest. This year, the Junior High Jungle bought the most for a victory. The cheerleaders selected senior football players for a superlative this year. The football team beat Chittenango, and the girls soccer team beat Mohawk for a Homecoming success.

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