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Homecoming King and Queen Class of 1997

Homecoming King - Dave Burth  and Homecoming Queen - Jody (Tanner) Karla Class of 1997
Queen - Deb Barnum

Class of 1997 Homecoming

Usually Homecoming is a time when the atmosphere is full of energy and entertainment. This year the cheerleaders had representatives from each class and two of them pushed each other as a wheel-barrow. The third person had to push a pom-pom with their nose back across the gym floor. The group who finished this first was the winner of the Homecoming competition. Following this event, the people spoke their minds for the king, queen and court.

The court consisted of: Erica Benson and John Rigo for the ninth grade, Sam Tayler and Luke McCann for the tenth grade, Lindsay Lynch and Brian Adams for the eleventh grade, and Megan Dorr and Eric White for the Seniors. The queen was Deb Barnum and the king was Dave Burth.

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