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Class Directory.....

The class directory is under development. Currently, the directory contains all class members, from our commencement pamplet, and any information gather from their alumni registration. If you haven't already registered in the alumni directory, please take a moment to complete the form.

As of October 2003, 98 classmates have registered in the directory. Come on gang, let's get all our friends to check in.

Check out our new Email Directory and the complete Class Roster.

The following classmates have invalid email addresses in their registration and have been removed from the Email Directory:

Teri Gage Vivyan, Mary Farr Cunningham, Bill Blovat, Lou Ann Brien Garrison, Russ Rockwood, Cheryl Rigo Evans

Please update your alumni registration information with your latest email address.


Classmate Updates....

Condolences to Sue Plunkett on the passing of her mother Florence Plunkett on November 3, 2008.

Bill Kinville wrote...

"I am a Sergeant with the Lake County Sheriff;s Department assigned to the Corrections Division just North of Chicago. In 2004 I was nominated as the International Corrections Officer of the Year and promoted to Sergeant." Bill has been trying to get in touch with Mike Murphy. If anyone knows Mike's email address, please forward it to Bill at

Condolences to Laura Mazzara Lawrence on the passing of her father Anthony Mazzara on December 26, 2007.

Donna Vanvalkenberg Briggs registered in the alumni directory. (July, 2007)

"I have been living in staten Island, for the past 3 years. Since I moved here from Port Jervis, I started a volunteer group, and Teamed up with Staten Island Project Homefront. We send packages to our Troops, deployed in Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan. I started this, when my daughter Andrea, who served in the U.S. Army, was first deployed almost 4 years ago. My husband, who serves in the U.S. Navy, is a Reservist, as well. With my family, as well as many friends serving overseas, I felt that I wanted to do something. Since beginning with the volunteer groups, we have proudly sent over 5,000 boxes to over 6,000, Military Personell, in all branches of the Military. I have found this very rewarding, and figured out in my own way, how to say Thank You to our Military.

I'm not an Activities Director anymore, as I have had major back surgery, from a job related injury. I have been staying at home, when not volunteering. I am a new Grandmother of a beautiful baby girl, ...Jordan Ava Cherry. I'm in the process of preparing to move to our house in the state of Florida. This has been an active few years, since my daughter graduated high school, and joining the Military, after 9/11. I think what made her decision to join was the day of 9/11. My husband, for one thing was working in Manhattan, and the fact that this day changed so many lives, that she really wanted to make a difference.

So, this is my update, I ask everyone who reads this, to continue supporting our Troops. Please keep them in your prayers."

Condolences to Michelle Morris Waite on the passing of her brother John Andrew Morris.

Mary Smithers-Mogensen Leslie registered in the alumni directory.(May, 2007)

Mike Calicchia registered in the alumni directory. (March, 2007)<

Patricia Seelbach registered in the alumni directory. (May, 2006)

Taffy J Popka registered in the alumni directory. (April, 2005)

Julie Leonard Kehoe wrote ...

"My book "Those Two So Young" has been picked up by a publishing company out of Frederick Maryland, and it should be released within this year. The book follows the stages of grief that I experienced after the tragic deaths of my two small children, Rhiannon and Dustyn.

I graduated from IHS in 1981 never even dreaming that I would have experienced what I have, let alone write a book about it and get it published. I'm a teacher-aide at IHS, manning the studyhall classes mainly for the senior high students. I'm also an advisor for the Class of 2005's yearbook.

I live here in Ilion with my husband Tom and my stepson Matt, along with our 3 cats,1 dog and 2 guniea pigs, so I keep quite busy.

I'm not going to be rich from the release of my book and that's fine. My main goal was to get it out to the public to let others experiencing a similar type of loss to know that they are not alone, and what they feel is all a normal part of grieving." (Feruary 20, 2005)

Jane Lincourt Lampert registered in the alumni directory. (July, 2003)

Joann Lennon Perras registered in the alumni directory. (May 5, 2002)

Susan Plunkett registered in the alumni directory. (February 13, 2002)

John Remis wrote ...

First I 'd like to say how much I enjoyed the class reunion. I can't remember the last time I went through an entire weekend with so little sleep, had so much fun and was surrounded by such beautiful women... it was the best time I've had in many, many years. If I took the time to mention everyone who made me laugh or smile it would fill the entire web page, so I'll just thank you all.

I am about to take a temporary reassignment with my company. I will be leaving the Plattsburgh Region and my US Border Stations behind and moving to the Danville, Virginia, area for several months while we work on closing contracts for what will hopefully become an entirely new corporate division. If all goes as plans, the new year should see me moving back north to the Three Mile Island area of Pennsylvania. It is all very exciting, but I know I will miss New York a great deal. (One good thing, though... it will extend my golf season.)

I will be maintaining my current e-mail address through November and will forward a new one as soon as it is established. If anyone is familiar with the Danville area, please feel free to fill me in on anything of interest. Wish me luck! (October 24, 2001)

Andrea Rasmussen Behe registered in the alumni directory. (October, 2001)

Dan Anderson registered in the alumni directory. (October 29, 2001)

* View the 1998 - 2001 Archived Class Updates for past updates on your classmates.


20th Class Reunion News....

Did you enjoy our 20th class reunion. Click here to view the Mega Reunion proposal.

The 20th Class reunion was held in conjunction with Ilion Days, July 27th & 28th. On Friday, many classmates gathered to decorate the Marhaver's flatbed truck. We partied to the tunes of Queen and Journey in the DooDah Parade.


Remember when....

The newest feature to our class web site is our digital collection of school pictues from various Ilion elementary schools. Keep checking back for more pictures from the other Ilion schools.

Annunciation Elementary School

Barringer Road Elementary School

West Hill Elementary School


Congratulations to .....

Connie Wood gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on January 29, 2005. Her name is Madison Alexandria Shepherd. Connie writes "What a wonderful life change! I just wanted to share my news."


Archive Congratulations

Visit the Archive for older Congratulations Items.


Class History.....

Our 1981 Mirror Class History is now available for anyone feeling a little nostalgic and without a yearbook at your disposal. If anyone has any old photos that might jazz up the page, please contact Ted Carney.



Margaret 'Peggy' (Lacy) Sadallah IHS 1981 passed away December 4, 2014.

Jamie Laura Carter IHS 1981 passed away January 28, 2005.

Brian Patrick O'Connor IHS 1981 passed away November 24, 2004.

David Springer IHS 1981 passed away April 8, 1999.

MaryCross IHS 1981 passed away May 10, 1984.

Ted Carney II, dedicated his village of Ilion beautification project, in memory of his father, Dr. Theodore R. Carney IHS 1936.


If you have any news for the Class of 1981 or a recent class directory, please contact Ted Carney.

Published July 2006

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