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Albert D. Chattaway, M. D.


The following excerpt about Dr. Chattaway was taken from the "History of the Mohawk Valley, Gateway to the West," 1614-1925, Volume 4 edited by Nelson Greene, S. J. Clarke, 1925 - see snippet view on google books



Dr. Albert Dexter Chattaway is well and favorably known in Ilion, where he spent the greater part of his youth and is now located as the head of the medical department of the Remington Typewriter Works. He was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, May 17, 1863, of English parentage. His father, James Chattaway, was a native of Birmingham, England, and a toolmaker and percussion cap maker by occupation. He is said to have been the first man to make a percussion cartridge in this country. In 1886 he was sent to the Argentine Republic by E. Remington & Sons to install a cartridge factory there and spent some thirteen months in the Latin Republic. Mr. Chattaway was greatly interested in American politics and during the Civil war period was candidate for lieutenant governor of Massachusetts, but his election at that time was impossible, as he was a member of the democratic party and its candidate for the office. He died in Charles City county, Virginia, July 6, 1888, at the age of seventy, his birth having occurred' September 9, 1818. His father was John Chattaway, who was English, and a resident of Birmingham, where he died. Dr. Chattaway's mother was Fannie Holroyd before her marriage to James Chattaway. She was born in Halifax, Yorkshire, England, in May, 1836, and came to this country with her parents, John and Sarah (Sutliffe) Holroyd, who settled in Springfield, Massachusetts, where the father conducted a hotel. Mr. Holroyd was a native of Yorkshire, and his wife was a native of Leeds, and they both passed away in Springfield. Mrs. Fannie H. Chattaway died in a New York city hospital on November 11, 1883, at the untimely age of forty-seven.


Albert Dexter Chattaway obtained his early education in the public schools of Ilion and Springfield (Massachusetts), graduating from the Ilion high school in the class of 1880. He spent the year following his graduation at Ilion, taking special work in the high school, after which he entered the New York Homeopathic Medical College of New York city and completed the course there with the M. D. degree in 1885. The young physician began the private practice of his profession in his home town-Ilion-where he remained until he went to Virginia to open an office as physician and surgeon. Dr. Chattaway stayed in the south about three years. He left Virginia and his medical practice to go to Watertown, New York, to become identified with W. R. Baker and his son, Pitt J. Baker, in the manufacturing of brass fittings. After spending six years in Watertown in this connection, Dr. Chattaway went to New York city with Pitt Baker to assist him in the management of the sales department of the business. Five years later he took up his residence in Ilion, his old home, in order to accept a position with the Remington Typewriter Works as the chief of its medical department. Dr. Chattaway belongs to the New York State and Herkimer County Medical Associations, the Utica Medical Club and the State Society of Industrial Medicine, connections that are all of great benefit to him in carrying on his important work as the guardian of the health and physical welfare of the employes of a large manufacturing concern. Especially valuable is his association with the society that devotes its energies to that phase of medical science chiefly concerned with industrial problems and diseases.


Dr. Chattaway was married on February 25, 1886, to Miss Ida Baker, a native daughter of Ilion, who was born September 18, 1864. Her father, John Baker, was born in Sheffield, England, December 9, 1836, and died in Ilion, August 10, 1910. He came to this country with his parents, John and Maria (Ball) Baker, at the age of twelve and settled first in Bronxville, New York. In 1859 he came to Ilion as a contractor for E. Remington & Sons. When the typewriter company was separated from the other interests of this firm and taken over by Wyckoff, Seamans & Benedict, he became associated with them and was one of the six oldest employees of the firm at the time of his death. Mr. Baker was prominent in the social and cultural life of Ilion for many years. He organized the old Ilion Glee Club, a well known musical society, and was its leader. His musical talents made his services much in demand in all sorts of organizations, but nowhere did he work more devotedly and loyally than in the choir of the Methodist Episcopal church, of which he was the director for eleven years and also the organist. A Mason, he was affiliated with Ilion Lodge, No. 591, F. & A. M., and the Knights Templars. Mr. Baker's parents were born in London, England, and died in Reynolds Bridge, Connecticut. The father was a knife manufacturer by occupation. Mrs. Chattaway's mother was Augusta Trueman, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Hall) Trueman, who was born in Nottingham, England, August 25, 1835, and died in Ilion, January 30, 1906. Her paternal grandparents were Thomas, Sr., and Rebecca (West) Trueman, the former a lace manufacturer of England. Her father, Thomas, Jr., was born in Nottingham, the center of the vast lace industry of England, about the year 1803, and brought the first lace machine to this country as a young man. This machine was set up and put into operation in Germantown, Pennsylvania. In Germantown, Mrs. Mary (Hall) Trueman passed away. Her husband lived to celebrate his seventieth birthday and died in Ilion in 1873. He was an enthusiastic sportsman and very fond of hunting and cricket. Mrs. Chattaway is a charter member of the Ilion Shakespeare Club, as is the Doctor, and also belongs to the Travelers Club. In politics she is a stanch republican, differing from her husband, who has followed his father in his adherence to the democratic party. The family is affiliated with St. Augustine Episcopal church of Ilion, of which Dr. and Mrs. Chattaway are both members, and the Doctor has been a member of the choir there for many years. He is gifted with a pleasing tenor voice that has made him a popular member of local musical circles and he obtains much enjoyment from his associations with others who are interested in this form of art. Fraternally Dr. Chattaway is associated with the Elks, belonging to Ilion Lodge, No. 1444. His hobby is his garden, and all his friends and neighbors who have had the opportunity of watching his work along horticultural lines agree that his efforts are well rewarded by the results he obtains.


Dr. and Mrs. Chattaway have two daughters. The older, Miss Ruth Holroyd Chattaway, is a teacher in the public schools of Scarsdale, New York. She was born in Ilion, December 5, 1886, and is a graduate of the local high school, class of 1906. She prepared for her profession at the Oswego Normal School, from which she graduated in 1910, and has since taken postgraduate work along lines that have aided her in her work. The younger daughter, Mrs. Nan (Chattaway) Harris, was born in Watertown, New York, July 12, 1894. In 1914 she graduated from the Ilion high school and a year later completed the course in the training school for teachers at Herkimer. She taught in Herkimer county for a year, following which she was married to Russell C. Harris, in Ilion, on September 30, 1916. Mr. Harris was born March 14, 1893, the son of Israel Harris of Newburgh, New York, and is now advertising manager of the Utica Daily Press. Mr. and Mrs. Harris are the parents of three children: Pitt Baker, born August 28, 1919; Albert Crawford, born May 7, 1922; and Robert William, born March 25, 1924. Their home is at No. 41 Parish road, New Hartford, New York.

Dr. Chattaway was the first historian of the Ilion Alumni Association. His duty to keep track of every member, and report at the end of the year whatever of interest had happened. Dr. Chattaway died on October 23, 1937, at the age of 74, in Buffalo, NY at his daughter's home. He is buried in Armory Hill Cemetery


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