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Ilion High School Alumni - Reunions held 2000


40th Year Reunion for Class of 1960.....

The class of 1960 held a class reunion October 7, 2000, at the Knights of Columbus. (Updated Dec 22, 2000)


30 Year Reunion Plans for Class of 1970.....

The Class of 1970 will hold an informal reunion gathering, downstairs at the Elks Club on Sat., Nov. 25, from 6:00 till 9:00. Then at 9:00, John Seymour, former lead singer of the Boss 5, will be upstairs at the Elks. The Class of 1970 would like to extend an invitation to all Ilion Alumni to help us celebrate our 30th year at that time! (Updated November 18, 2000)


Class of 1950 commissions painting.....

The Class of 1950 commissioned local artist, Jim Parker, to create a painting of Ilion High School as it would have appeared in 1950. The painting was commissioned for the 50th reunion of the Class of 1950. Depicted in the painting are period vehicles and each of the 82 classmates, appearing in clothing stlyes of the era. The high school band is also shown. Proceeds from sales of the print will benefit the reunion fund and a scholarship fund. (Updated November 18, 2000)


Ilionites Reunion to be held in Florida.....

Ilion and Suburbs has it's 20th Annual Picnic in Florida on the 1st Wednesday in March 2001. Bring a dish to pass, at the reunion to be held at Coquina Beach and Bradenton Beach, Florida. We meet at about 11:00 AM and leave whenever. Last year we had about 85 people attend.

For Additional information,

call Mike (Myron) Bouck.
(941) 722-3841
133 Capri Dr.
Palmetto, FL 34221

Come- Meet old friends and news ones.
(Updated October 19, 2000)


Reunion for Class of 1953.....

The Class of '53 is planning a reunion for Friday, Sept. 22, 2000. If anyone can help us locate the following people, please reply to email. Thanks, Ellie Riddell, William DeLude and Shirley Ryden Morlock (Updated May 19, 2000)


40th Year Reunion Plans for Class of 1960.....

The class of 1960 will be holding a class renunion October 7, 2000, at the Knights of Columbus. We are still looking for the following classmates. If anyone knows their address, please get in touch with Jim Bower at P.O. Box 510 Ilion, NY 13357 or 895-7485 (week days). (Updated May 3, 2000)


Shirley Strait Goodrich
Barry House
Carolyn Gintley Meyer
George Long
Nancy Croop Snedecker
Pat Ferguson Farr
Claire Gilbert Gilmore
Linda March Duckworth
Joe Teso
George Davis


60th Reunion for Class of 1940.....

The Class of 1940 will be celebrating its 60th Reunion the weekend of June 24 and 25, 2000. The Reunion Dinner will be held an Saturday evening at 4:00 pm, at the Stone House in Cedarville, cost $30 per person. The Sunday morning brunch will be at the Otesaga Hotel in Cooperstown. We will all be on our own for this brunch. (Updated April 23, 2000)

Committee: George H.Getman email
Ethalynd Burke Weeden
Betty Robinson Warner


25th Year Reunion Plans for Class of 1975

"Class of 75 is planning an informal reunion the weekend of "Ilion Days", July 28th and 29th. On Friday we have a get together like the last time at the Mohawk Station(or someplace like that) for a few drinks. On Saturday afternoon we are planning a picnic for classmates and their families- more information will be coming after our next meeting on March 30th. If you know of anyone who has moved since our last reunion, please let me know." - Jim Monohan email (March 20, 2000)


35th Year Reunion Plans for Class of 1965.....

The Class of 1965 will be holding a meeting to discuss plans for our 35th Reunion at Jean & Tony Maneen's on Thursday, 17 February, at 7pm. Anyone interested "Come on down!" (Updated February 8, 2000)


10 Year Reunion Plans for Class of 1990.....

Our 10th year reunion will be centered around July 1 and 2, 2000. More specifics to come! Also, I need addresses for several people in our class. Please check out the Class of 1990 Web Page for a list! Any help would be appreciated! If anyone has any information that may help us, please contact me at (email) or Julie Welch (email). Thank you! (Updated November 13, 1999)


20 Year Reunion Plans for Class of 1980!

The 20 year reunion for the Class of 1980 has been scheduled for the weekend of July 28-30, 2000. This weekend is coincident with the now popular "Ilion Days" festivities. Details are being discussed. Please forward comments, questions and suggestions to:

Brian and Patty (Bulson) Johnson
email - email

Please help us identify the where-abouts of the following classmates! (modified Feb 27, 2000)

Deborah Dunham                 Michele DeRocco
Daniel Johnston                Terri Lewis Burns
Milissa Lincourt Hubler        Kevin Maurice
Katherine Platts Melnick       Mark Runyon
Alicia Williams San Miguel     Jeffery Williams
Lisa White                     Anne Zabry Wells


50th Reunion in the Year 2000.....

Several members of the Class of 1950 have been trying to find the rest of the class, their current addresses, phone numbers and email addresses in preparation for the 50th reunion in 2000. Please send all correspondence to Jane Nile by emailing to email (Updated September 25, 1999)

Can anyone help us locate the following people:

Robert Andrews
Barbara Clark Dickenson
Joseph Edwards
Doris Wheeler Faulkner
Richard Hanley
Edward Markley
Herbert Stark



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