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Ilion High School Alumni - Reunions held 1998 - 1999


Texas Chapter of the Ilion Alumni Association.....

The second meeting of the Texas Chapter of the Ilion Alumni Association was held on November 28, 1998 at Jeffery ('73) and Diane Polley ('72) McTiernan's home, in San Antonio. Fun was had by all finding out who was who and who was related to whom. Sorry to say that the chapter will be losing the McTiernans because they have felt the tug of home and are moving back to New York this Christmas. Looking forward to the next meeting.

Pictures were provided by David Sullivan '73.

Attendees were: Cindy Sobolewski '75, Paul McLaughlin '41, Carol (Baxter) McLaughlin, Michael Tillinghast '78, Diane (Polley) McTiernan '72,Jeffery McTiernan '73, Janet (Martin) King '73, David Sullivan '73. Oldest and Youngest Attendees: Paul McLaughlin '41 and Michael Tillinghast '78. (Updated December 8, 1998))


IHS Class of 1968 Hosted their 30th year reunion.....

The IHS Class of 1968 hosted their 30th reunion, Saturday, November 28, 1998 at The Elks Club, Ilion at 7:00 pm. The legendary Mersey Side Five performed for their musical enjoyment, from 9-1 PM. The dance was open to ALL Ilion alumni and friends.(Updated December 5, 1998)


20th Reunion for Class of '78.....

The Class of 1978 20th Class Reunion Notice is out. Mark your calendar for Saturday, December 26, 1998. Event to be held at Ilion Elks Club. A committee is organizing the event and anyone wanting to learn more about the reunion, should check the Class of 1978 homepage for future updates. (Updated April 22, 1998)


55th Reunion for Class of 1943.....

The Class of 1943 held its 55th reunion in the Fall of 1998. Check out the class of 1943 page for the Reunion Pictures! (Updated March 26, 1999)


1963 Held the 35th Reunion.....

The IHS class of 1963 hosted their 35th reunion September 5, 1998 at the Crystal Chandelier on Route 28 North( Middleville Road), from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. At 8 pm, that evening, they got together at the Ilion Elks Club for drinks, snacks, music, dancing and socializing. The cost was $20.00 per person, due by July 15th.

If you have any addresses or information on the Class of 1963 members, please call Betty Jean White, at 315-894-5611. Please send all correspondence to Betty Jean White, 54 East Street, Ilion NY or email to email (Updated September 30, 1998)

Can anyone help us locate the following people:

Brian Burch Hill
Bill Day
Gene Donovan
Robert Hamilton
Barb Scanlon (Camme)
Tom Slocum


IHS class of 1948 Held the 50th Reunion.....

The IHS class of 1948 hosted their 50th Year reunion August 28-30, 1998 at the Crystal Chandelier on Route 28 North( Middleville Road).

A welcome get-together was held August 28, 1998 at the Knights of Columbus on West Street.

A guided tour of the Ilion High School began at 10 am, August 29. Participants met at the big bell behind the school.

On Saturday evening, a banquet was held at the Crystal Chandelier on Route 28 North( Middleville Road). The dinner was at 7 pm and was preceded by a social hour from 6-7. A group picture was taken at 7 pm.

Sunday morning, a good-bye breakfast was held at the Ilion Knights of Columbus.

Contact: Shirley Steiner Pearson, General Chairperson, 16 Sixth Avenue, Ilion, NY 13357. Telephone 315-894-4539. (Updated September 30, 1998)

Can anyone help us locate the following people:

Mary Campell Sorenson
Jane Everhart Compton
Carmen Heffner Federico
Clyde Hoyle
Richard Jones
Jack Smith


IHS class of 1953 Held the 45th Reunion.....

The IHS class of 1953 hosted a 45th reunion on May 23, 1998 at Campagna's restaurant in Herkimer. (Updated April 18, 1997)

If anyone can locate the following people, please contact Eleanor Riddell at 315-866-6036:

Jane Ann Haughton Huffman
Shirley Ryden Morlock
William DeLude
Richard Pettengill
Jeanne Mielcarski
Mary Ellen Roberts Spring
Paul Riesel
Antoinette Cuda Grogan
Mervyn Covell


IHS class reunions prior to 1998.....

The Class of 1959 held a reunion party, On Saturday, July 5th,1997. Ron Brown sent some photos for all to enjoy! (Updated November 7, 1997)

The Class of 1977 held a 20th reunion, On Saturday, November 29th, at the Ilion Elks Club. A committee organized the event and anyone wanting to learn more about the reunion, can check the Class of 1977 homepage.

The Class of 1957 held their 40th reunion, during Homecoming Weekend (Saturday, October 4th, 1997) at the Ilion K of C.

The Class of 1942 held a 55th Year Reunion at the K of C, on West St., Sept. 12, 13, and 14th, 1997.

The Class of 1947 held a 50th reunion on August 15,16,17, 1997. Carolyn (Deming) Bayer was in charge of the reunion. Her address is 68 North Fourth Ave, Ilion NY, 13357. Complete details, a schedule and photographs from the reunion are available on the Class of 1947 homepage.


Ilion 1967 homecoming

The Class of 1967 did NOT have a 30th reunion.


The Class of 1972 25th year reunion, was scheduled for August 1st and 2nd. However, due to lack of interest, the reunion was cancelled. (October 22, 1997)

Ilion 1972 homecoming


The Class of 1959 held a reunion July 5, 1997. Contact persons were Betty Bouck, Frank Geloso and Jane Smithson.


The Class of 1966held its 31st year reunion, in May 1997. Check out the Class of 1966 Reunion Report for the "Black and White" hero sandwich recipe! The secret is out. (Modified Feb 27, 2002)


The Class of 1966 Home Page is up and running. If you missed the reunion, check it out. Pictures from the reunion were added to the site on August 9th. If you have any news for the Class of 1966, please contact Bill Burke, Class '66 Home Page Editor. (Modified Feb 27, 2002)


Ilion 1941 Mirror cover

The Class of 1941, 50th Reunion Report is now online, complete with pictures, courtesy of Paul McLaughlin! (June 7, 1998)


The Class of 1975, 20th Reunion Class Photograph is now available, courtesy of Mary Applegate Boyd.

Ilion 1975 Mirror cover


Ilion 1965 Mirror cover

The Class of 1965, 30th Reunion Report is now online, complete with pictures, courtesy of Bob Joy. Great job, Bob!


The Class of 1974, 20th Reunion Report is also available. The reunion was held in October, 1994.

Ilion 1974 Mirror cover


Tours Available....

"Any reunion groups wanting to tour the high school or see our football team in action. Please contact Bob Turley and I will be glad to help out. We have great kids still at Ilion and love to show them off." The 1998 Varsity Football Schedule is now available.



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